The Origin of God Explained

There are many people out there who ask where God came from. Truly, we may all want to know where His supernatural presence was from. The bible is the Holy book that is approved for learning, teaching, admonishing, correcting and encouraging. It is God's true word that explains His will for the money. However, there is nowhere in the bible that explains the origin of God. While talking to Job in a whirlwind, God told him about how his years can't be numbered. He has existed from the immemorial time, but we don't know how He came from.

The Bible explains the origin of heaven, the earth, the seas and all that is in them including the man. When all these were created, the book of Genesis outlines how God would say, "Let's make man in our own image." That is a clear indication that He was with other beings of His likeliness. That explains to us that even heaven and earth weren't the first creation. That He existed before with His angels and Christ. Descriptions tell us that Christ and the angels are higher creations of God but Christ is greater than the angel. 

However, God existed even in His form and He has been there ever since. He wasn't created. For existed before anything was made that was made.  Before the angels and were created, God existed.

Various scholars have tried to explain where God came from but no one has ever described His origin. For beyond what is written, there is no more trusted book or articles apart from the Bible. He existed before anything. And that is accepted by faith. 

Many may question this fact, but when we believe that exists, and we haven't seen Him, we do it by faith. For it is by faith that we believe heaven and earth were created by a word. By this faith, we know that He exists and existed before anything else even if we don't know His origin and His a

Christ Like Media believe in God and the bible. They also believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah. That's all that their faith requires. Further trials to know the origin of God can't be explained. Only myths and fables can be heard about this subjects but not with any reliable prove. This is even a subject that may bring big debate and finally, the whole thing can only be explained by one being- God Himself.

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